Saturday, 8 November 2014

My NeoBux Progress

I signed up to NeoBux in August 2014 but didn't really start using it till October. I had clicked a few adverts but they didn't earn me much at all so thought it was all a bit pointless! On my previous post I mention that I found a strategy that I am now roughly following so I am now going to add my progress!

As the strategy said I needed to get up to 60c to be able to rent my first 3 referrals. I had around 40c in my account from clicking the random ads over the last few months so only needed another 20c. I actually did a few mini jobs to earn that amount. There are some pretty easy tasks on there that you have to search for certain phrases on google and record your findings. You get paid around 8c for each task and they take a few minutes to do so it wasn't long before I had my $0.60.

2014/10/21 at 14:29 You have received the 3 referrals you rented.

Over the next week I had build up to just over $2 by doing a few mini jobs and of course clicking on the adverts. When you view an advert you get a bonus pack of 3 chances to win something, could be coins, points or money, I have heard of people winning gold membership too! I'll go into the things I have won later.

2014/10/28 at 16:23 You have received the 10 referrals you rented.

So $2 bought me 10 referrals. I carried on with viewing my adverts every day and doing some mini jobs every now and then. In the mean time I had received a $20 payment from ClixSense (another pretty good site for clicking ads, doing mini jobs and surveys). I though I would invest $5 into my Neobux account. This isn't something you need to do but I am quite impatient!  I then had $8 in my account so used that to get 40 more referrals.

2014/11/04 at 17:41 You have received the 40 referrals you rented.

So that's where I am now, I have 53 referrals clicking on average 84 times a day earning me 42c.

At the moment of writing this post I have earned $13.48.

I haven't withdrawn anything yet and I've been reinvesting it into buying more rented referrals.

I have started saving to extend my referrals, you get a referral for 30 days but you can pay to extend them for up to 240 days. I think this works out cheaper than AutoPay although I need to do a bit more reading into this.

A little about rented referrals - 

You always rent referrals for 30 days.

You can always extend them for periods in 15 days blocks or daily using AutoPay.

What is AutoPay - 

If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep that referral for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won't pay for another day.

So, imagine you rented 500 referrals by spending $100 for a month's rent.
Instead of paying $100 again at the next due date (yes, it hurts), you can pay for them daily.
In the end, you'll save $15 and you'll never run out of referrals (*).
Also, you don't have to worry about the due date (*).
While it's easier to pay this way, it's also cheaper for you because you save 15% of a whole month's rent.

Basically, you'll pay one day in advance to your referral's due date.

The value for each referral/day will be deducted from your rental balance.
If your rental balance has insufficient funds, it will deduct from your main balance.
If both balances have insufficient funds, it won't be triggered and will only work again when one of the balances has enough funds.

Here is my referral link, feel free to use it to sign up:


  1. This is a really informative post. You have motivated me to get back into using Neobux myself. I am now doing mini jobs there and have a few rented referrals which I am going to slowly build up using earnings and see how I get on.
    It seems to be the way people make decent money with Neobux by renting referrals with earnings until they are earning a decent income from them.

  2. I'm glad I've motivated you to give NeoBux another go. Really hope you do well with it :)

    There are people who have earned over $100,000 on the NeoBux forums! I could only dream of earning that much!