Thursday, 29 January 2015

Easy way to earn £10 per month

I though I would write a little about the Swagbucks apps you can get for your mobile, there are four on Android and two on iOS.

First you need to sign up to Swagbucks, which is a site that you can earn 'SB' for doing surveys, tasks, watching videos etc.

The apps you should look for are:

LifeStylz TV
Sportly TV
IndyMusic TV

You log in with your Swagbucks username and password and then you can start watching videos. You need to watch 10 videos to earn 2 SB. Some of the videos are quite long but there are a few that are between 10-30 seconds so its a good idea to set these as your favorites so its quicker to get through them. There is a limit to 9 rounds of videos per app, that is 18 SB per app. So if you watch the maximum on all four apps then that is a total of 72 SB per day.

Here is some pictures of what apps to look for.

You may want to test the water and start with a small and easy target first. I would aim for 849 SB as that would get you an Amazon voucher worth £5.  If you watch all 4 apps then it will take you 12 days to get enough for the voucher (You could also watch the the main Swagbucks website and earn even more, they pay 3 SB for every 10 videos, the limit is 150SB per day. You can't watch the same video more than once on the website but you can on the apps)

After earning your first £5 you will realise how easy that was and you may want to aim for something even higher. A £10 amazon voucher will take 22 days just using the app and £25 voucher would take 59 days.

If you prefer cash rather than vouchers then it takes slightly longer to earn. £5 would take 14 days, £10 would take 28 days and £25 would take 69 days.

I usually let my phone run whilst I'm at home for the day whilst I'm getting on with house work or whilst watching TV. Just make sure you are using your WiFi as you wouldn't want to run up a large bill if you are using mobile internet!

I have been using Swagbucks for a few years now and consistently make around £25 per month. I usually get Amazon vouchers as they are better value and come in hand for Christmas and birthday presents. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Little summery of how long it will take to earn your vouchers or cash!

Watching the 4 apps a day will earn you 72 BS


£5       999SB     14 days
£10   1999SB     28 days
£25   4949SB     69 days


£5       849SB     12 days
£10   1689SB     24 days
£25   4199SB     59 days

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