Monday, 17 February 2014

The Money Shed

I've recently discovered 'The Money Shed'. Its basically a forum where you can get ideas on how to make money online and save money too.  I joined up a few weeks ago and have been made to feel very welcome on there, everyone is very friendly and there are no spammers.. yay!!

Its a great place to ask questions about business ventures or share information with other people about where you make money. There are topics covering things like Swagbucks, Gift Hulk and other similar websites and I've even had a few referrals from there :)  Actually there are loads of ideas on there from survey sites, youtube videos and even blogging... I really need to read up on how blogging can make you money!

Another excellent thing is that you allowed to have signature links to your own websites, you don't get to do that these days as often forums don't like you advertising your own businesses. Its a shame really but its another thing that I think is great about the Money Shed.

Anyway if you are looking to earn a few extra pounds join us over at The Money Shed

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