Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Slimming world

Well as I'm trying to loose a bit of weight as well as making money I thought I would have a go at Slimming World. I'm doing this myself and not paying to sign up or get weighed every week. I have around a stone to shift (the last of the baby weight!) and I'm hoping I'll do it by the summer.

From what I've read about slimming world its more of a healthy eating plan rather than a diet. There are 'free foods' that you can eat unlimited (within reason) like fruit, veg, pasta, muller low fat yoghurt, baked beans, potato and some pasta mug shots. You are allowed 2 healthy extras a day (things like milk, bread and cheese come from this) and you are allowed up to 15 syns a day (a tablespoon of mayo is 5 syns I think, a packet of crisps may be around 10 depending on the type) They have a facebook group you can join for free and people always post up recipes and ask about syn values.

I've been near enough sticking to this eating plan for a week and have lost 2lb so I'm very happy (We had Macdonalds one day and I'm sure it was around 30 sins for my meal haha)

Actually I think I may start a page as a record of how many syns are in the food I like! 

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