Monday, 17 February 2014

Homemade Anna from Frozen Costume

My daughter is going to a holiday club in half term and she has decided she wants to be Anna from the new Disney film Frozen. I can't seem to get a costume in her size (except from the Disney store but I refuse to pay £40 for it!) So i have decided to have a go making it myself.

This is Anna:

My version won't be an exact copy of it as I only have till Tuesday to make it but I'm sire its going to be better than some of the ones you can buy!

Official Disney one:

Cheepo one:

Cheepo 'Deluxe' version

I found a blue duvet cover in Asda that would be good for the skirt, it was a double sided one with different shades of blue. I managed to get a blue long sleeve t-shirt from Primark, its not as pale as i would have liked but as a last minute costume it will do. Primark also had a lovely fleecy blanket that would be perfect for Anna's cape and it was in the sale for only £2. For the black top I raided my fabric stash and found an old tracksuit top, one of the velour ones in black, perfect!

Update: well the cape went totally wrong! It was the wrong kind of fleece I think. As soon as I cut it to shape it started falling apart. I tried hemming it but my sewing machine chewed it up so had to do it by hand. She wore if for the day but it put so much red fluff over everything so she won't be wearing it again!  I'll be looking out for a better fabric for the cape I think.

I'll post a picture up when I get the chance.

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