Friday, 23 January 2015

Where have I been? a little update.

I haven't been on here in ages, I've had a really busy couple of months what with Christmas and a couple of birthday parties to organise!

I've still been plodding away with my earning online and hitting my personal goals every day so my blog has taken a bit of a back burner. I do sometimes think I have too many of these sites I have to visit every day but really don't want to stop going and doing the odd click or search for less than half a penny!

The main sites I have to visit every day are Neobux, Clixsense, Swagbucks, Superpoints, Giffgaff, Gift Hulk, and Inbox Pounds. I also like to search with the Nectar toolbar to earn Nectar Points and will do some of the tasks on the Clix and Walk app.

I don't spend much time on these sites really. Here is What I try and do each day on them if I have time.

As long as I click my nine orange advert clicks a day then I am happy but I also click as many of the other ads as I can and I'll click the adprize ads. I use Neobux as my main place to do the crowdflower tasks as they pay slightly more and their bonus is good.

I used to use Clixsense a lot more before I discovered Neobux! Now I just do what is needed for the daily bonus. I have some free time I will do the odd survey on here as well.

I  try and hit the Swagbucks daily target every day to get the bonus. Its usually around 80 to 120 SBs and this isn't too difficult. I have downloads the four apps that play videos to earn Swagbucks. You can earn 18SBs from each app so that's 72 already, then I top that up with 10SB from playing games, (usually swagrun) and watching SBTV.

I only really do the 'Super Lucky Button' on Superpoints. Still that has earned me £4 in Amazon vouchers and I am just about to send off for another £5 voucher. I think I joined them in November so that's not too bad. I paid to be a Platinum Member so I get 200 'Super Lucky Button' spins a day and I have to do at least 100 so my Karma level doesn't drop.

Now Giffgaff is totally different to these websites as its a mobile network obviously, but they pay you to use the forum! I go to the forum every day and post a few things and that will earn me £20 a month. That's less than what I pay them for my mobile every month!

Gift Hulk
I play the guess the cards game every day. I am currently Platinum Level on Gift Hulk and that gives me 40 goes at guess the cards. I don't feel I have to visit this site as I don't think I have ever hit their daily target!

Inbox Pounds
I don't do much at all on Inbox Pounds. I will do a couple of searches and click the paid emails every day but that's it. It doesn't take much time and I have finally had my first cheque, £20, only taken me around two years to earn that much haha.

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