Sunday, 2 June 2013


I came across Swagbucks this time last year and it seems pretty good.. nice easy way to make a little bit of extra money.

You can earn swagbucks (SBs) from completing certain actions on the site. Swagbucks offers many ways, such as surveys, videos, tasks, polls, games, competitions.......lots of things really.

You currently need 849 SBs to get a £5 Amazon voucher or 1049 SBs to get £5 to your paypal account.  I only exchange my points for Amazon vouchers as you get more for your bucks but sometimes I think the cash would be nice!

Last year I managed to buy a lot of Christmas presents on Amazon and I hardly had to use my credit card! It made things so much easier. Since January this year I have made £140 in Amazon vouchers :-D (although I have spent a lot of it on presents and a few treats for myself hehe). Making £25 a month is very do-able if you can do a survey everyday. I have read about people who have made up to £50 a month!

Here is my referral if anyone is interested in joining:

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