Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bit of bad luck

Why does everything go wrong at once? Last week I had a particularly awful day, first the fridge decided to freeze everything again, then my washing machine chewed up a pair of my daughters leggings. After investigating why that could have happened I notice the drum has a massive dent in it. I also knocked a Demby plate off the work top and it smashed. I thought bad luck comes in threes but I was wrong as some idiot decides to kick off my wing mirror. What makes that even worse is that I only fitted a new one the week before as the old one had been held on with duct tape for most the year. I felt really proud of myself for fitting it as well.

Well the new washing machine arrived today and fridge freezer will be here next week. The Demby plate can wait till the next sale in debenhams and currently driving around with no wing mirror... Might just get the duct tape out again!

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