Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What have I spent my swagbucks on

Just sitting here feeding H and thinking about what I've spent my swagbucks on. Well so far I have only exchanged them for Amazon gift vouchers as you seem to get a better rate than if I went for PayPal cash. 
Well I have bought several birthday and Christmas presents with the vouchers. Also lots of party bits for A's birthday, lunch boxes and cake toppers etc. I also treated us to a nice portable hard drive as well as some odd random things I've always wanted like a melon baller and wavy knife!
My next aim is a big one, I'd love to get enough for a PS4 (the new play station coming out later this year!) Me and my husband are both gamers and it would make a great Christmas present to ourselves! So I think they will be around £350 and I currently have £50ish sitting in my Amazon account so that's £300 I need before December! Not sure I will get that much, I would be happy to get half that much actually lol.  I'm not far off my next £25 voucher. I'll have to work out how many SBs I will need to get a day if I want to get the PS4 before Christmas.
Edit: well I've worked out I would need to earn 335 SBs a day to get £300 before Christmas!  I'm lucky if I can get 200 a day so I'm going to aim for 152 a day to get £150 in vouchers.

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