Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Changing mobile network

Several months ago I thought I'd change my mobile network to see if I can save a bit of money.

I was on Vodafone paying £35 per month. I think I had unlimited calls and texts and 500mbs of internet. Well my husband gave me his old phone which is still in good condition and works well so I decided to go for a sim only contract with GiffGaff. I'm now paying £10 per month for 500 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 1gb of internet usage.

I change to GiffGaff in December and so I have worked out I have saved £200! I'm amazed as I am no worse off with the package I have. I do have less calls but I never use up my allowance or even get close. I also never phone out from my house phone in an attempt to use more of my free calls.

I have a reveral link below to send off for a free GiffGaff sim card. If you go through my link you get an extra £5 credit for free when you register!


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