Sunday, 17 August 2014

Earning money with Clixsense

12 days ago I discovered a website called Clixsense. Its a pay to click site where you click on adverts to earn from $0.001 to $0.01 (depending on how long you have to stay on the page for - from 3 seconds to 30). As well as the adverts you can also do surveys and tasks to earn lots more.

Since i started I have earned $24. I only really do it for half hour in the morning, and maybe for a little while in the evening whilst watching the TV.

Its not a scam either, you can cash out at $8 (of $6 if you pay to upgrade to premium). They pay out Mondays and Fridays straight to your paypal account (you have to request to be paid).

I have cashed out $8.15 on Friday, I was charges $0.16 fees and I was left with £4.66 after paypal converted it to British pounds. Since Friday I am already back up to 9.23 so I will be cashing out again tomorrow :)

I don't think you could make a living wage from it but if you spent longer doing it than i do you could make a lot more.

If anyone would like to sign up and try it out I would be grateful if you would use my referral link :)

I do benefit from any referrals I gain. I would earn a very small percentage of your earnings. You don't earn any less, but if you watch an ad that is worth $0.01 then I would gain an extra $0.0001. There is a little bonus for using my link and that is I can upgrade you account for $15 rather than the $17 it usually costs for a year.

Thank you for reading this :)


 Just wanted to add a screen shot to show I have actually been paid! 

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